A Delicious Late Night Photo Shoot

We see on the news that the rainy season in Honshu (lower Japan) is underway, but here in Hokkaido we feel a little bit lucky that there is no rainy season. Our recent weather, instead, is cool and pleasant, so new guests are always a little bit surprised. We recommend that if you visit us in early summer, please bring something with long sleeves, especially for the evenings.

The other night, though, we had a heavy storm with hard rains that made everyone hesitate to go outside. The next day, everything sparkled like new in the fresh sun of our courtyard!

The building on the left in the photo is the Kasuikan, and it has 12 large and small banquet halls. There, during the rain and storm, some of our staff members were working away.

Even though our Summer Special Menu only just started we are already preparing for our Autumn Cuisine Menu scheduled to begin in September. When all the photos were finally completed, the staff were at last satisfied with their work. Please keep watch for it on our homepage!

We also took some photos of the buffet at our affiliated hotel, the Takimoto Inn, just across the street. Some of our staff posed as customers for extra atmosphere.

Mr. Abe is a passionate chef at Takimoto Inn, and he brings something powerful to the food. Encouraged by his declaration that “Cooking is love!” the camera team were inspired, too. As you may know, we also introduce the monthly lunch specials here, so please have a look and then join us for something delicious!

After 16 hours of shooting photos, we finally finished. The kitchen and marketing staff involved in these projects don’t often get to meet with guests, but we wanted to show you what they do to make sure you know about all the good things happening here. We hope you will join us soon!

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