What’s in a name? Dai-ichi Takimotokan.
Dai-ichi Takimotokan was established by Kinzo Takimoto in 1858, and has continued with the same name, location and business for over 150 years. The name is simple:
Dai-ichi = First
Takimoto = The family name of the founder
kan = building
All you need to know about yukata:
Shed your clothes and put on a relaxed onsen attitude with a yukata. Cotton yukata are worn by both men and women alike, and are the clothes of choice by guests inside Dai-ichi Takimotokan, strolling to Onsen Heaven and dinner. Find a pair of geta (outside wooden sandals) in the main entrance, and you can even go for a stroll in the town. It’s a special feeling of leaving fashion and attitudes behind, and blending into the holiday crowd.
How do I wear a yukata?
In your room you’ll find a selection of yukata in different sizes. There is sure to be one to fit you. When you try it on, the hem should come to just above your ankles. There are two simple steps to putting a yukata on, so you’ll look like you have been wearing one all your life (in fact the locals only wear them when they go to the onsen or to festivals).
– Fold the right-hand side in and the left-hand side over the top.
– Now put the obi sash around your waist and tie it on the right-hand side close to edge of the fold.
If you are feeling the cold, you can put on a haori (jacket) over the top of your yukata.

If you’d like your very own Dai-ichi Takimotokan yukata, you can buy them in the souvenir shop in Ookanabo arcade.
Where can I get internet access?
We provide open free Wi-Fi in the main building (Honkan), Minami building (Minamikan) plus the main lobby/coffee shop area for the use of all guests. Higashi building (Higashikan) will be upgraded with Wi-Fi in early 2017. Unfortunately the thick walls that contribute to the tranquillity of your stay, block Wi-Fi signals as well as noise, so we can’t guarantee 100% coverage in every room.
What’s special about an onsen manju?
Onsen manju – a traditional sweet steamed bun – are the perfect edible omiyage (souvenir gift).
General Agreement for Accommodation:
Japanese & English General Agreement

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