September Lunch: Braised Beef in Cream

Ushinikubara in Cream
August was particularly busy and fun as two of our biggest annual events, the Takimoto Summer and the Nobooribestu Jigoku Festivals, came and went. The very last days, though, saw the arrival of Typhoon #10 in Japan. While it caused serious damage in other parts of the country, in our part of Hokkaido it brought only strong winds and heavy rain.

One quick note, too, about the temperature of the onsen. Recently, a few trees fell, which caused some difficulty in accessing the natural spring water. The result was a slightly higher than usual water temperature, but the situation is taken care of as of this writing.

As September blows in on the tail of this typhoon, we would like to present this month’s lunch special at Takimoto Inn. Beef rib in Cream Sauce is a tender slice of beef simmered Japanese-style with sweet cabbage. The simple accents of rock salt and black pepper provide depth and balance for a dish that simply melts in the mouth. Served in a base of rich cream sauce it is a most satisfying autumn meal, especially when paired with fresh bread or rice.

September Lunch Special
Beef Rib with Braised Cabbage in Cream
(Set meal includes rice, soup, and salad)
1,000 yen including tax
※ Bread may be substituted for rice.

Takimoto Inn Restaurant Poplar
Lunch business hours 11:00 to 14:00
Noboribetsu Noboribetsu-cho, 76
TEL 0143-84-2205

Day bathing and lunch tickets for Dai-ichi Takimotokan (1,000 yen or equivalent) as a set are also available.

The Yu-Ran ticket is also now available!


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