Hands-Free Hokkaido Luggage Service

Dai-ichiTakimotokan is excited to share this new information with our guests about a convenient and wonderful service.

When you travel, you pack everything you will need for the whole trip. However, when sightseeing and exploring the area, you don’t always want to carry everything with you. It can be quite heavy and bothersome.

The Noboribetsu-Toya Tourism Area Council and the City of Sapporo, in conjunction with Yamato Transport Company, are offering the “Hands Free Hokkaido” Luggage Service to solve this problem and help guests enjoy their vacation even more.

Guests can easily send their luggage from the Noboribetsu Onsen area to hotels in Sapporo and the Toyako Onsen area, as well as to the New Chitose Airport.

The cost to send one piece of luggage is only 800 yen (including tax).

If the luggage is brought to the reception desk at the Gateway Center at the Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal by 12:00 pm, it will be delivered to the hotel or airport by 6:00 pm the same day!

The Gateway Center at the Noboribetsu Onsen Bus Terminal is about a seven-minute walk from Daichi-Takimotokan.

For more details about this “Hands Free Hokkaido” service, please call Yamato Transport toll-free in Japan at 0120-22-9625 or from overseas at 81-3-6327-3348.

“Hands Free Hokkaido” service is available from January 20th to February 12th, 2017. Please use this service to better enjoy Noboribetsu Onsen and Hokkaido!

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